Funny How Flowers Do That Creation Workshop

About This Project

To celebrate the first showing of ‘Dutch Flowers’ paintings in London in 20 years, a select group of 30 florists transformed  Black Swan Studios into a giant florists art studio. The florists were tasked with the mammoth job of creating a living piece of art 8.2 metre high to be displayed outside the National Gallery. The 30 florists worked relentlessly around the clock with nearly 30000 flowers and four film crews in tow, racing against time to get the piece finished and erected before the flowers wilted away.

The finished piece was breath taking, with 26 varieties of flower in 37 colours. – Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder’s, A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase (1609-10) was brought to life.

For more information see here http://www.funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk/national-gallery-dutch-flowers-curator-qa

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