Good Slogan Bad Slogan: We Delete Customers Unfit up to now!

It isn't always white and black however some slogans work and some simply ain't appropriate!

Monday, March 9, 2009

PlentyOfFish : We Delete Customers Unfit up to now!

This advertising ended up being initially submitted once and for all Address Bad Address as a result of the letters to its Bad URL Display operating together. But I became fascinated by its bold motto. I am inquisitive exactly just what their requirements is actually for "unfit up to now." And merely just just what do they suggest by "delete?" appears a little harsh. I have been aware of people being rejected by eHarmony -- in reality, Chemistry had been riffing down that inside their television spots. But being deleted altogether?! And merely just exactly what do they state to your people they delete? Sorry, you have been deleted -- don't be concerned though, there are many fish into the ocean. simply not at PlentyOfFish .