Heading below the ground: BDSM in Hong-Kong Louise Choi slips on a twisted colla.

Louise Choi slips on an aggressive band, penetrates a dungeon and finds a successful fetish neighborhood in Hong Kong. Pictures by Calvin Lay

Louise Choi slips on a perverted collar, enters a cell and discovers a flourishing fetish community in Hong Kong. Photos by Calvin Sit

So there I Had Been. Strung over to the limit within just simple bra and panties, arms constrained, not able to shift an inch. I reviewed the ‘dungeon’ around me personally, filled with onlookers – an unfamiliar mix of latex-clad, mask-wearing, oddly shaped revellers hell-bent on seeing just how easily i might capture my favorite initiation into world of whips and stores. For anybody who featuresn’t practiced a BDSM group, this must appear to be a scene conjured right up from a lot of immoral brain in history – believe Marquis de Sade and the author of a porn-horror movie.

But frightening it absolutely wasn’t. It absolutely was far from. This unique feel soon enough grew to be an enjoyable, totally satisfying few time of living. And yes it experience comfy and protected too, despite the stinging regarding the whip.